Whatever happened to easy?

I am drowning in code. It used be a simple thing this web of ours but it has turned in to a deep maze of defenses and distractions. For example, the simple web form to collect a message has to have layers of security to prevent hackers gaining access to your server. Apparently they could just write code in where you enter your name and get in to the server to do bad things.

The basic website is now fortified with fail-safes and encoders to prevent attacks and more have to be invented every day.

That is why we have moved on from simple sites to CMS, content management systems. WordPress, Drupal, and my old favorite Pixelpost are systems which are maintained for security and allow for easy interaction by the end user. (Alas Pixelpost is no longer maintained)

Unless you live in a log cabin in the woods you have to depend on others for food, electricity, water, phone service, and website security.


I use WordPress and have gotten quite good at finding an appropriate template and customizing it. I know the best plugins for small business and have experience running them. I have learned how to make the site respond quickly and how to make it show up in the search engines.

It is easier for me to set up and easier for the artist to upload their own images and keep people aware of their thoughts and actions.

So why am I drowning in code? I have decided to create my own web application as an art project. You might call it overreaching, but I learn more and more about how the web works this way and when I get it working it will be like an abstract painting involving the Twitter-sphere. I love process and chance combining to create beauty and wonder. That is why I love working with artists on their web presence. It is always unique and exciting to collaborate in this new medium even if we have to wear safety equipment.

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