I love to share your art

Ever since I could go to the movies I have returned to pester anyone who would listen with the entire plot.  No matter what the movie was I was enthusiastic about sharing it.  I do the same with visual art, pestering my facebook and instagram feed with other peoples product.  I love to share your art.


Petra Cortright Website splash page

Since I made my own art website in 1995 I wanted to make sites for other artists.  I networked and had a great time in what I called a collaboration in a new medium, the internet.  I still get a kick out of sharing your art.  I have gotten really good at it too. 20 years sharing your art, making websites for artists, I have learned a trick or two and i am always prowling for the latest tool, design trend, and artists website vision.

I’ve been reading a book, The Contemporaries: Travels in the 21st-Century Art World by Roger White, In one chapter he is participating in an MFA critique at Rhode Island College of Design.  He comments on the stylish 20 something professional image the artists put forth and contrasts it with the tatooed, pierced, flamboyant students in the rest of the campus. “I surmised that the graduate students, with a few exceptions, have either transcended the need to visually self-identify as art students or are engaged in some kind of reverse-fashion psych-out campaign.” The art professionals all have similar websites too.  They want to look like a gallery already. They want to fit in.  Minimalist white or beige sliders are all the rage.  It’s no wonder the template driven cookie cutter website development organizations are so proliferate. The MFA machine is churning out more artists a year than all of Florence and Venice in the 15 century. (thats what he said in the book).  Art is a job, a career choice, and one which has high standards of acceptable behavior, dress, and attitude.  There may have been a time when the outcast bohemian was allowed in because he was a creative genius but no one needs to or wants to put up with anything less than completely marketable form day one.

Andrea Zittel website home page

Andrea Zittel website home page


I can make you a cookie cutter minimalist website which you can easily update in a snap. Go for it. I can even make it stand out from the herd using seo coding that won’t disrupt the calm beauty. I will do it with joy as we all have something to show and, especially now, it’s all valid. I will keep working until one day, it won’t be too long now I hope, an artist will come to me and want something unique and new which will reflect a creative bent purely their own. Oh and it wont be crap, I do have standards.


Marc Shanker's website when artists were courageous and called me.

Marc Shanker’s website, one of my first clients.

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