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Put yourself into your user’s shoes before planning your site’s content. Why would they come to your site and what can you do to make sure their visit is rewarded? Ask yourself some basic questions. What is the goal of my site? Am I aiming it toward gallery owners as a presentation package? Is this an e-commerce site to sell paintings on the web? What will the viewer be looking for and how can I make it easier for them to find? Write a mission statement and stick to it. A good website requires forethought.

In order to be listed in most search engines the first page requires some special formatting and use of text relating to search terms. This precludes the use of flash splash pages and image based design. I like to be able to link to any section of the site from any page on the site and It’s important to have access to the most commonly sought after information right away.

affiliate_linkI am now recommending a free blog for artists.  Go to and set one up for free.  Add pages, images themes and I am here to answer any questions.  it’s the best and easiest way to get started on the web with your art.

Sit back and relax you are about to become worldwide.

Stephen Beveridge
212 928 8351

2 thoughts on “Get Started

  • Stephen, using YOUR creativity and design choices, can you redesign my website? What do you estimate the cost? After you design it, could it then be in my hands to manage and tweak and change when needed?

    Please advise, THANKS, Shelley Schoenherr

  • Hi Shelley,

    Thanks for your question. I checked out your site and was bowled over by your talent. I love your paintings.

    I believe I can redesign your site for $300

    Whether you can manage and tweak is a matter between you and your html skills.

    I do free text updates and inexpensive image additions.

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