1000 true fans

Yesterday I devoted the day to marketing my art. I committed to one full day a week and it seems to be effective. I started out giving myself permission to read art blogs particularly Edward Winkelman where they were talking about the state of the art world. There is a lot of talk about the[…]

Image degradation

I received an email from a client with questions regarding image degradation which requires an answer suitable for framing. The client (Hi Jean) has some head shots by a professional photographer which are printing in a manner not consistent with the screen images. Jean wonders if maybe there is some image degradation going on somewhere[…]

facebook page

I was asked to create a facebook page for one of my best clients. I assumed I would need their log in and didn’t feel comfortable with that. When he told me the web hosting organization would do it and maintain it for a fee I looked in to it. It looks like you can[…]