About ScotStyle artist websites


ScotStyle artist websites realizes that art on the web requires special consideration. I focus on artist websites because I am an artist and I enjoy meeting other artists. I know what they need and I know how to provide it. I will create with you an award winning artists website using extensive computer skills and software combined with years of experience as a fine artist and graphic designer. I charge less than most because it is my pleasure to work with artists and arts related enterprises.


I believe form follows function. Your custom tailored design will reflect your mission statement.

I believe in quick loading. I don’t want to wait for the site to load. I want it now.

I believe in getting what I came for — I don’t want to wade through tons of distracting graphics searching for the information I need.

I believe good design can be found on the web without a lot of bells and whistles that slow down, distract , or just won’t work with my browser.


I have been trained in New York City at FIT and Baruch College in graphic design and computer graphics software including Photoshop, Illustrator,  Dreamweaver, Front Page, Quark, InDesign, Final Cut Pro, Flash, and Premiere.

I work exclusively with artists and arts oriented organizations. There are special situations which affect only those involved with visual arts on the web. I have involved myself with resolving and optimizing these situations. I have also created music, and video sites, CD and tape packaging art.

I will read your mission statement, review your artwork then custom create an artist website using your own aesthetics and often creating logos and backgrounds from your artwork.

ScotStyle features wordpress cms allowing you complete control over updates to your site after the initial construction and implementation.